Must-Haves For Your Resume

Must-Haves For Your Resume

By: Cheryl Schwartz, LCSW, CRC

Your resume is built on your experience and accomplishments. Those facts won’t change, no matter what job you are applying for. But expect to modify your resume to the specifics of each new job to best demonstrate how your skill-set matches that of the position.

This is easier than you might think, because the best resume explains your abilities by showing how you solved problems, grew revenue, attracted new clients, and achieved other goals that might be important to your potential new employer.

Also, your resume emphasizes accomplishments based on requirements stated in a specific job description. So research the company you are applying to so that you understand the organization’s values along with its goals.

To make that connection and communicate your skills, organize your resume to show how you approached issues in your current and past jobs, with the results you achieved.


  • An issue or problem you tackled
  • Actions you took
  • The results

Perhaps you changed a process, saved money, or increased profits. Make sure you make clear how you did it.

In order to catch the eye of your next boss, as well as computer programs that look for key words, make sure you use some of the important wording included in the job description. If a potential employer wants help to “develop a client base,” use those words in the description of your applicable experience, as opposed to something similar such as, “build lists of potential sales targets.”

Effective resumes don’t simply list job titles and dates of employment. Instead, they are a tool to sell you and your experience.

To understand completely how to create a resume that will help you land your next interview, call me at (203) 733-2261.

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