• High School Students: Learn more about the world of work so that you can choose the right college and take appropriate classes to assist in refining your direction.
  • College Students: Align your education with your career possibilities so that when you graduate you can secure a position.
  • Graduates: Receive the help you need to land your first job on the path to a professional career in this very challenging job market. Often new graduates are discouraged and wind up being underemployed and unable to live on their own.


  • Develop Career Direction: Match your personal attributes with the most appropriate career choices.
  • Resume writing: You are more than a list of job titles. Explain your accomplishments and how they can help an organization.
  • Job Search Strategy: Learn the most successful methods of job search.
  • Networking: Practice how to network with your existing acquaintances and build new contacts who can help you succeed.
  • Interview Training: Ensure that interviewers know who you are and what you can bring to their organization.
  • Negotiation Training: Be prepared to negotiate the best possible deal for yourself.