• Adults exploring a career transition or job change.
  • Retirees looking to discover options to continue a satisfying future.
  • Transitions for those who have been downsized or fired.
  • Students & Graduates looking for guidance in school selection, career options, or landing a first job.


I provide effective and professional career development counseling for individuals. This process includes helping you to match your personal attributes with the most appropriate career choices, and then prepare you for a powerful and successful search.


 Develop a career direction & establish goals

  • Comprehensive Testing: Assess interests, aptitudes, personality, and values. Linking your inner resources with the right career leads to increased job satisfaction and professional and personal growth.
  • Occupational Outlook & Research: Learn how to research careers and ensure that there will be opportunities in your chosen path.

Create powerful & professional resumes

  • Your resume is a sales tool; highlight qualifications, accomplishments and skills.
  • Format your resume correctly and include key words and phrases so that it will pass through Applicant Tracking Software and into human hands.

Interview training & practice

  • Research will improve your interviews — demonstrate your knowledge of the company’s business issues and goals and how you can support them.
  • Practice the different types of interviews, whether they are with friends or colleagues, search firms or agencies, human resources, or the decision-maker.
  • Create stories that illustrate your accomplishments and experience to use in the interview and prepare for the typical interview questions.

Job search strategy

  • Create a balanced and effective search in which you uncover the hidden job market.
  • Include both active methods (networking and targeting companies) and passive methods (advertisements and search firms) in a successful search.


  • Networking continues to offer the greatest access to the unpublished job market and to reach decision makers.
  • Learn effective strategies.
  • Many people feel uncomfortable about networking, but it does not require asking for favors or cold calling.

Negotiation skills

  • Develop a negotiation strategy and gain knowledge about how to initiate and execute a negotiating conversation.
  • Keep the conversation positive and reach a win-win result.